Why Pathway?

Simply put…Pathway has a wide variety of experience in a number of different industries. From Retail to Food to Manufacturing to Sales, Pathway has the knowledge to support your business.

Pathway has been delighting clients for over 10 years and has prepared thousands of tax returns, many of our clients have been using us since the beginning. We also have the pleasure of doing the taxes for some of our client’s children.

How Do I Get Started?

How do I start is often the hardest question. With Pathway, we make the beginning simple. A quick call or email is all you need to get the ball rolling. We will let you know what your next steps will be. Most likely this will be a phone call or a meeting.

What Do I Need To Give You?

Well…that depends. It’s tough to answer that without talking to you first but even if you don’t think you have everything you need to get started, talk to us first. We will be able to provide you with some guidance.

Are You Expensive?

This is a fair question. We like to think we provide excellent value for the services we provide. In many cases, Pathway will provide you with a price for the job rather than just an hourly rate. This ensures you know exactly what your costs will be. In situations where this is not possible, Pathway only bills you for the time you use.

Read Our Reviews

  • Pathway has served my family for a few years now. Their thorough knowledge of tax work and investment wisdom has made working with them a simple and stress-free process! I highly recommend them!!

    Mike Zenker


  • Pathway helped me set up a benefits plan that was affordable and easy for my corporation. After speaking with the Pathway team, I even set up a few wellness perks for myself.

    Elaine Turcotte

    Sales and Mindset Coach

  • I had given up hope on ever obtaining insurance again after being denied for health reasons. Pathway didn’t give up on me – or on the chance to prove that I had regained my health. 

    Sanderson Layng

    Television Producer